zinodaur vs logos


logo design

Various logos I've created since 2013 til today.

Clanul Sensibililor logo

Clanul Sensibililor: logo for my clothing brand

favez logo

favez: logo for a bookmark sharing app

Balkans Life logo

Balkans Life: logo for a tabloid website

Kinglife logo

Kinglife: logo for rapper Lil Flip's music record label

Swiftstream logo

swiftstream: logo for a streaming service based on Bitswift's blockchain technology

Lumina Wolves logo

Lumina Wolves: logo for a romanian kids basketball team

Slop logo

SLOP: logo for a indie store selling plushes in the shape of disgusting creatures

Michael Fiebig logo

Michael Fiebig Architect: logo for an architect

Lakefront Painting logo

Lakefront Painting: logo for a deck painting service

Bluecoin logo

Bluecoin: logo for Bluecoin cryptocurrency coin

AndroidBlog logo

Android Blog: logo for an Android news blog

DogeFu logo

DogeFu: logo for a dogecoin related videogame

Rithm Blue logo

Rithm Blue: logo for a music production company

OpenBitcoin logo

OpenBitcoin: logo for a bitcoin services network

Good Love Band logo

Good Love Band: logo for a music band

Bitmunchies logo

Bitmunchies: logo for a website that lets people buy food online using bitcoins

Bitcoin Catalog logo

Bitcoin Catalog: logo for bitcoin listings website

Alpaca Games logo

Alpaca Games: logo for an independent video game company

Pizza La Fatih logo

Pizza La Fatih: logo for local pizza place with face resembling the owner's ( Fatih )