luigi zinodaur

Hi, I'm Luigi.

Also known on the internet as zinodaur.

I'm a romanian "artist" ( which means that I didn't know what to do with my life so I decided to try and do everything, thus getting to get my hands dirty with illustration, design, music, writing, fashion and everything in between ).

I got my first gig when I was 3, drawing elephants in exchange for a Ghostbusters action figure. Unfortunately, as it turns out, those aren't accepted when it comes to paying rent, so now I have to work for cash ( or even better, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - yes, I am crypto friendly!).

Some more fun facts about me:

- TIME's Person of the Year 2006
- was named after Super Mario Bros
- got a dog named Huan
- once ate 7 pizzas in a row

If you want to work together, buy some of my stuff or see photos of my dog, contact me.

Let's make something awesome!
: [email protected]
: @zinodaur