zinodaur vs cryptovest litecoin

Cryptovest litecoin design


product design + crypto design

Created a physical litecoin design for CryptoVest. The "Special First Edition" Physical Litecoins were sold unloaded. All coins came with a coin capsule, address card, and certificate of authenticity. There is a window in the hologram showing the "Firstbits" of the Litecoin address of each coin. There are a couple "errors" on the coins in that there is a bulge, similar to the first Casascius coin, and also the window is rather wide which in turn shows the coin's metal on the sides. The "Special First Edition" coins were the first set of coins that CryptoVest kept a record of the coin's addresses and made the list public... they did not do this with the "Regular First Edition" coins. Also, "Special Edition" coins came with a numbered certificate of authenticity, and are the only coins out of the First Edition batch that are able to be confirmed as being assembled by CryptoVest (resulting in a higher resale value).
They also produced a limited edition CHOCOLATE Litecoin, just for fun.

Cryptovest physical Litecoin
Cryptovest chocolate Litecoin