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editorial design + illustrations

I was commisioned to create three editorial illustrations for a blog that dealt with matched betting, which is essentially the use of mathematics to place bets covering all outcomes so that a customer can guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of the bets ( usually when bonuses are offered ).

The first illustration was for an article called "What is matched betting?" where all that would be explained.

The second illustration was for a service called 50/50 split where people receive direct instructions from an experienced better to place their bets. Members chose their betmaker, pay upfront by paypal, then the instructor searches for an appropriate bet, does the calculations and tells them what to bet on, how much to bet on it and then also how much to lay at betfair to be offered for this service. New customers would receive their first go at this for free.

The third illustration was for a section called "Mentoring", where lessons would be taught on an individual basis.

Betting Prophet what is matched betting
Betting Prophet 50/50 split
Betting Prophet mentoring