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I am Luigi Ihnatiuc, but I go by the name of Zinodaur on the internet. TIME's Person of the Year 2006 !

I am a 20 year old Romanian ( that’s where vampires come from ) that's been fighting ugliness in the world since 2011. I do illustrations, logos, ads, web mockups, app mockups, and for a good price I will also make your dog the king of Spain !

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illustration / identity

Illustrations done for a brochure for business which deals with vulnerability scanning in servers. The front of the brochure illustrates, as per the client’s instructions, the usual thief / hacker that interferes with the quiet office peace. The thief was drawn in a vintage style, complete with scratchy textures, to appeal to the older demographic, which forms the majority of the client’s business, while the office was drawn in a modern way, so as to combine the old with the new. I have also attached a mock up brochure that I’ve designed, so that the client would get an idea of the positioning of the illustration. The back of the brochure features a stylised chameleon, which represents the logo of the company, posing in front of the servers, as if it was standing in the thief’s way.

Butterfly Labs Ads


Posters and copy done for ButterflyLabs contest.

Cryptovest Physical Litecoin

identity / various

Coin and hologram design for CryptoVest’s physical Litecoins.

DownTown Bowling

illustration / identity

Illustrations comissioned by a bowling alley from Norway. The first image illustrates a suit with a bowling pin as a tie, as the client requested something to appeal to the corporate bowlers. The tagline is just a placeholder. The second image was created with a kid-friendly approach in mind, hence the kiddy style of the graphic.



3 color illustration.

Design for sale !

Know Your Wizards


Design for sale !

Oh My Glob


Design for sale !

Pizza Fuckers


Gang inspired pizza gang emblem.

Design for sale !

Polaroid Bear


Design for sale !

Romanian Books Covers

illustration / various

Designs for sale !

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So tell me...

Are you badass enough to work with this bearded dude ? I don’t know, but I trust you. You are awesome. After all, you are checking out my work now, aren’t you ?

Contact me if you want to create something for you, get the rights for a design, if you need someone for help with hiding the body or if you just want to say hello. I’ll respond so fast you’ll think I’ve been stalking you for 7 months. Which, uh, I totally haven’t done. Hahaha. Ha…